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img_beach_rock“Torah has done two readings for me–both were accurate and delivered with kindness and sensitivity. I, also, am a psychic, but sometimes you need to seek guidance from outside of yourself. Her intuitive gifts allowed me to make decisions on several crucial issues, move forward with my goals, and let go of some seriously stuck energy. I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in creating positive change within their own lives or simply wanting to view your life (and self) with more clarity.”
~Edith Hamby, Bay Area

“I have had two sessions with Torah, all I told her was that I had a life altering event occur that had me spinning out of control. She was able to tune in and pick up that I was a recent widow and provided messages from my husband. We had unresolved business in our marriage and she gave me exercises along with references to assist in my grief work. I love her website with all of the positive affirmations which I constantly visit and use. Thank you for getting me back on track.”
~Dalia Townsend, New York

“She is a beautiful and amazing person, and will make you feel very safe. I came to her, seeking answers, yet she helped me find them within myself, and help me make a major breakthrough in letting go of things that happened in the past. If you are seeking spiritual guidance, then Torah can help guide you. She cares so much, and even followed up with me on a couple of things and provided additional resources to help me get through the issues that have been blocking me for years. I will definitely go to her again and highly recommend you check out the guidance she provides on her website as well.” ~Linda G, Capitola

“Excellent and right on the dot! Thank you Torah so much for the words of wisdom!” ~Terese Norris, England

“Torah is just amazingly compassionate and clairvoyant. She can take an incredibly difficult situation and provide clarity in a very supportive way. She is easy to speak to and very accurate.” ~Allison Tsu, Hong Kong

img_beach_birds“I just can’t describe how much I appreciate Torah. I was looking for a guide and I tracked her down. Since then she has done three readings for me and all of them extraordinarily accurate. She cares for me as a client and as a person. Her kind words and advise have helped to get through many issues I was dealing with recently. She said “watch!” And her predictions are coming true now. You don’t need to give her details; she will give you the details. She has this energy around her (she may not know about it) that makes you feel positive about life. She is just the best!” ~Eneida Snow, California

“When Torah and I met she treated me like a friend and made me feel extremely comfortable, as if I have known her my whole life. She was so accurate with so many different aspects of my life that I was completely amazed! Every prediction that I can think of that she has told me, has been very accurate. I liked the fact that Torah was genuinely concerned about my well being that thanks to her kind words and guidance she has most of all helped me become a better person! Torah was super nice, and understanding to my individual needs.” ~Elizabeth Morgan, Northern California

“As good as it gets! She’s one in a billion. Have read with a few others but I keep coming back to her. I don’t know how she gets her information or from where but it’s the real deal. Highly highly recommend her and so do all my friends that i’ve sent to her. It’s tough to get an appointment because she’s so busy but worth the wait!” ~Lorrayne G, Illinois

“She’s amazing!  my friend suggested I get in touch and I did.  I was just amazed.. ad she is SO kind too!  thanks Torah, i’ll be back to talk to you again in a few months.” ~Dorothy Darcy, New Jersey

img_sunset_grain_orange“I had to call her back because honestly, she’s just the best!” ~Betty Coyne, New Jersey

“Wow! I found Torah to be warm, friendly and easy to work with. She left me with a feeling of empowerment that makes me know I can workout issues with strength and self-confidence.” ~Harish Rao, London

“I have had two readings from Torah – career and relationship. She shows great sympanthy for the situation and provides incredible insight into what is to be the expected outcome. She is a kind, loving, gentle and caring person and makes one feel very comfortable when speaking with her. I look forward to having my predictions become a reality.” ~Lamia M, San Jose

img_cresent_moon_sunset“I would highly recommend that you arrange a reading with Torah as soon as possible, she is an extremely sensitive and gifted psychic who very quickly hones in on the most important issues in your life or anything else you would like to specifically explore. Within minutes you will feel very comfortable and relaxed, no matter how personal the subject matter. Another thing I very much appreciated was her ability to provide specifics, not just generalities. If you feel blocked or perhaps you have an uneasy sense that you are a little “off course,” a session with Torah can illuminate the underlying issues and get you feeling like life is moving again or at least you are no longer in the dark about what is going on. I believe her readings to be very accurate as well but in any case I guarantee you will come away feeling energized, excited and privileged for having the opportunity to consult with her.” ~Steve, Palo Alto

“I am glad I had a session with Torah. The accuracy of the reading was amazing! The information she provided helped me to get clear about the situation and my role in it. And this is precisely what I was looking for. I highly recommend a reading with Torah.”
~Victoria Parish, San Diego

“Probably the best psychic that I have ever read with. She is extremely accurate. I have read with her many times and everything she has ever told me has come to pass. I recommend calling her and you will never call anyone else!” ~Anonymous, Hawaii

“I started out visiting Torah with a specific question about an uncomfortable situation in my life but all the stuff that has come up in addition has really enhanced my life! I’ve really valued my sessions with Torah. She’s got a lovely voice that puts you at ease immediately yet she’s very direct and doesn’t dance around important issues…. She’s guided me in ways that it’s caused me to take a long hard look at myself and make some major changes in my life… She takes her gift very seriously which is so nice to see and through her i’ve see major improvements. I’ll continue to work with her and have referred many friends to her too.” ~Alisa Isley, Pleasanton

img_beach_dune_grass“I have come across a number of readers in my Life.  For the first time, I feel with Torah she genuinely cared about me as a client and went through great lengths to discuss the issues in question. I instantly felt at ease speaking with her and in fact in the last week have already purchased 2 readings with her.  She put my mind at peace with the issues I was dealing with and offered some suggestions on how to handle the situations in the future.  If you want someone that speaks from the heart, I would suggest you give her a call.  You won’t be disappointed!!!” ~Keily, Sydney

“Exactly the guidance that i needed and VERY accurate. she’s incredibly kind and sensitive but also direct, I liked that!…. 5+++ stars Torah!” ~Keira P, Menlo Park

“Torah Chand is a kind and gifted lady. She doesn’t ask too many questions other than “what area do you want me to focus on.” Allows plenty of time to ask questions and is patient in explaining what she is seeing. Sometimes she uses cards too but i’m quite impressed at how much she can see without them too. would recommend.” ~Charlie Ulmer, Chicago

“Where does the Psychic goe when she needs a strait answer?  To Torah…..that’s where.  She has been my personal Advisor for better than two years now.  I have found her to be direct, honest and always on point.  My life rolls at a fast pace and when I need to slow down and re-group I call on Torah to help me find center again.  When looking for gifts and abilities that will help you find your own center….Please seek out Torah.   Blessings~” ~Peg T

“I had another appointment today with Torah at the EastWest Bookstore. I saw her 3 months ago and she told me about my boyfriend leaving his job and I thought she was wrong… he had not said anything to me but 2 weeks ago he did! I was shocked and told him that she had told me he would do this. She told me some other stuff too that is starting to happen.. I had to get an update from her.. She’s one of the best I have ever read with. I like that she tells me straight and not what she thinks i want to hear.. have had that happen and i’m sorry but you can tell when someone is doing that, but she doesn’t. My boyfriend is going to see her too now! 100+ stars to this one!” ~Tina, Daly City