img_beach_cove_vertIn the last few months I have noticed how more and more people are commenting on how time seems to be speeding up. ¬†Whether it is or it is not, I do not know. But what is very evident is that, generally speaking, people seem to have less time for the things that are important …. getting out and enjoying the sunshine, smelling the flowers, being in nature, laughing with friends and family, relaxing alone and spending time with self.

If there’s one area you change in 2017, let it be that you give time and focus to yourself and to those you love. ¬†Take time to enjoy your surroundings and reacquaint yourself with yourself! When was the last time you looked in the mirror and asked are you truly happy, are you truly doing the things in life that you love? There’s no better moment than right now…. what do you have to lose?