It’s all about “Me”

It’s all about “Me”

Over the last few days I have observed quite an interesting pattern around me, a series of interesting events, a series of fear filled actions and a series of limiting choices! Upon reflection I realize that what I am noticing is actually much more prevalent in society than initially realized and is in fact at play in most people’s lives…..

We have a tendency to get very stuck and lost in the “Me” zone.. Do any of the following sound familiar?

Why does this happen to me?

Am I just unlucky?

How can I get this (or that)?

What do I need to do to make …. happen?

I’m unhappy

The human experience seems to come with a very easily learned belief system that results in what I call “Poor Me” syndrome… “Poor Me” syndrome is all about self victimization. Often times we don’t even realize that this is how we are feeling and subsequently this is how we are acting… We give all our power away and then our actions can become rather selfishly motivated to try to regain power, strength and position … it becomes all about the “Me”.
Look around you, in fact look in the mirror, how much of the time is this the reality that is being lived and what percentage of people actually consciously realize this!!! Practically speaking it is quite a selfish way of living one’s life… AND when in this space how often does one actually FEEL GOOD?!!! The body’s in-built barometer will alert us through feelings and emotions to whether what one is thinking is actually in alignment with the true essence.

I offer to you the choice to become aware of this way of thinking and challenge you to try something different. Rather than reacting to situations become the observer and act according to what you FEEL the correct response to be rather than THINKING what the right response should be!! You’ll find that limiting beliefs will have you in a repeating cycle while being open to something new and to possibilities might just bring a very different and positive experience!!…

Try it! And just observe the changes it makes in your life, in your circumstances and in your environment!

What are YOUR beliefs?

What are YOUR beliefs?

Often it’s interesting to observe yourself and watch how you choose to react to situations.  Sometimes you are grounded and very much able to be the observer and condutor of your life and other times (more often than you may be aware of!)  you find yourself so caught up in the humdrum of “life” that is becomes almost impossible to differentiate between what is real and what is not!

Ask yourself this question often…….

“Is what I am feeling and thinking now as a direct result of my current experience and knowing??? or is it conditioned in something of the past?? OR, in another’s opinion? fears? prejudices? ”

I offer that you may be surprised at how often your thoughts are not what you really KNOW inside or BELIEVE, rather they are reflections of past experiences or other peoples input! ……….

I implore you to be honest with yourself in this process of self review for if you can’t be honest with youself then you will never find the ability and strength to be honest with others and you’ll likely find yourself on a treadmill of life that won’t slow down enough to let you off or make any concrete changes!!