Welcome and the Importance of Now

Welcome to Torah’s Blog.  The purpose for starting this is to share insights and tools with you with the intention of aiding you on your path of self realization. If there are any specific topics that you would like me to write about, feel free to send me an email.

I wrote the following during a recent trip to London…………
I’ve spent the last 2 hours walking along the banks of the River Thames.  Watching, smiling, enjoying observing others enjoying themselves! I feel a deep sense of happiness and contentment.  It dawns upon me that the last time I felt like this was recently in San Francisco, more than 5000 miles away.  And, in fact, I experienced the same in Chicago, in Vienna, In Paris and countless other places too! …… The truth is that it really doesn’t matter where you are, what is important is that you are in the moment, able to get out of your head  and to just BE… just look …. just watch …… just observe …. Today I am shown, again, that happiness is not attached to other people or to a place, happiness is a choice you make at any given moment and it is about being able to be in the moment and allowing yourself to experience the moment!